Eric King

Eric King

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First Name * Eric
Last Name * King
Username * MirroredPixel
City Houston
Nationality USA
Languages EnglishSpanish


Areas of Expertise Architectural Visualisationenvironment design.Hard Surface ModelingLightingTexture ArtistProp ModelingCharacter Modeling
Preferred Tools MayaZBrushPhotoshopSilo3ds maxmental rayVRay


Availability: Full time


Currently working as a security inspector for the Department of Homeland Security. Have been there for the past 11 years. I am also attending school online with Full Sail university, as i was a little behind on the software aspects of the field i want to get back into. I have an associates degree in computer animation from the Art Institute of Houston 1997-1998. I originally wanted to do video games when i was just starting out, but i ended up doing some Arch-Vis creating props and environments for a small studio. I would say i would like to do VFX or feature films but i think i would be happy doing any job that helps me learn new things and has a good team.